LifeConsults Inc. A Not for Profit -  Personal Growth Through Creative Self Expression
To promote and utilize creative self expression as a means for personal development and growth, emotional and behavioral wellness, and achievement of overall life purpose. I remain fascinated about exploring the psychology behind performance, creativity and personal growth, and my goal is to continue to explore opportunities to helpindividuals and groups gain better self understanding, while realizing and utilizing multiple talents and becoming aware of barriers towards the achievement of behavior change, emotional wellness as well as overall life's goals

By helping individuals identify barriers towards their true self expression while exploring developmental issues, personality development, social and emotional difficulties. We utilize behavior change,  counseling, and psychological techniques engaged in a respectful, non-judgemental  manner which empowers people to identify  their beliefs, values, and capabilities as they  tell their stories and work towards their goals. We are passionate about training individuals to discover their purpose and calling as they learn new skills to change their lives and develop the confidence to inspire someone else

Who We Cater to
We are passionate about individuals of all ages families, children, youth, communities, groups, and organizations. 

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